Our Vision

There is nothing darker than the night of an orphan.. a widow.. a poor.. a sick and a prisoner.. a weary.. a weak.. a hopeless one.. who’s feeling like if God had deserted him.. that’s why.. when Jesus came to this earth.. commanded us to give them a special care.. because He personally cared for them.

Who are we?

We are a group of young girls and boys.. from different Christian churches and denominations.. united by the Lord Jesus Christ.. to fulfill this ministry.

Our Vision

This ministry came out of obedience to our Lord Jesus’ command in the Bible.. and out of love to these people.. to bring back the smile to a wounded country.. and to make this simple act that we do.. as a light shinning in the darkness.. and as a sign of love from a God who didn’t desert His children.. But care for them in a special way.

Our Ministry

– Visiting the elders and the orphans and filling their needs.
– Visiting the sick in hospitals and praying for their healing.
– Providing medicines and medical treatment to the needy sick.
– Caring for the poor ones and the needy families providing them with food.
– Visiting the prisoners to guide and encourage them.


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