Who we are?

The Lord called Bob Hoskins and Bill Elinski to minister in Lebanon in 1969, two missionaries from Assembly of GOD Church in USA, starting for the first time in Lebanon a ministry that releases the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The ministry started with a simple idea from the Lord: an announcement in newspaper for everyone who would like to study the Bible by correspondence “.
They didn’t know that this idea will be the reason behind planting the first church to proclaim the power, work and gifts of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon.

Than came the war in Lebanon in 1975, the Church went through a lot of hardships, the missionaries life was subject to all kind of dangers, they faced death many times, and satan’s plan was so clear: to stop the work of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon “.
But the last word is the LORD’s

In 1987 there was a decree to deport all foreign missionaries from Lebanon, the Americans in specific. Civil war went to hard ( corps on streets, civil massacre, Muslims slaughtering Christians according to ID cards and Christians doing the same, children became orphans, parents lost their children, families slaughtered in groups by knives in one night (massacre), bombarding, no phones, no electricity, no water, people in shelters, no transportations etc…). by sight, this was the end of the Church, of the work of GOD and of the missionaries. After loosing the leadership all members were scattered, but the Lord had another plan and that is to raise local ministers.

Three young men and two young ladies decided not to give up to satan’s plan, they gathered together and started to pray for the church and for a plan to move against the enemy’s schemes. They believed that the Lord builds His church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. They decided not to stop Sunday meetings because of bombards. One of these guys who is now the pastor volunteered to provide transportation for the church members in the church van view the lack of transportation at that time, the Lord encouraged many of the church members, who responded to this call and risked coming to Sunday meetings despite the bombs.

The Lord saw the faith, the perseverance and the seriousness of the brethren and he blessed their steps, and blessed the work as new.

Six months later the missionaries in Cyprus were astonished how the Lord kept His church, so they appointed these five young people to lead the church through a leadership committee.
The church kept on growing despite all hardships, as well the Lord raised local pastors and ministers to use them in this church.

The Holy Spirit visited the church in 1996 in a new way, the number of people increased from 50 to 80 member, so the church committee decided to tare down the walls of the building they were using, to afford a larger hall able to grasp these increasing numbers. The Holy Spirit kept on working, a little while later we became 120 members, once again the new hall couldn’t fit anymore, so we rented a theater for Sunday meetings, then we moved to a conference room in a hotel, and recently we moved as a church to a big hall in Loueisy Evangelical school, where 250 persons gather together.

All this happened in less than 7 years.

The Holy Spirit’s work was magnified in our midst, many believers from other denominations in Syria and in Lebanon were filled by the Holy Ghost, and a good number of pastors from other denominations too, who by their turn released the work of the Holy Spirit in their churches.

Many crusades were led by the church in Lebanon and about 500000 tracks were distributed on streets through these crusades, which helped in the salvation of a good number of people, 120 members were baptized in the past 6 years, 6 discipleship schools were held, the church participated in preparing for a Bible school that lasted for a whole year as well as several Bible seminaries that took place inside the church, she also trained dozens of local ministers, and recently she does mercy ministry to those who are in need, elderly people, sick people and to delinquent kids. The church’s worship team has the vision of praising and lifting up the name of Jesus above all other traditional worships in Lebanon. The reason why, we held a lot of worship meetings and walks on streets on palm Sundays, singing and proclaiming ” Jesus rules over Lebanon “.

Finally, our church is a Pentecostal church that proclaims the whole Gospel. Our meetings include live praise and worship, preaching and teaching from the Word of GOD, and a Spirit led ministry time were we have prayers for healing to the sick, deliverance to the oppressed and releasing of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What do we believe in?

1 _ We believe in one GOD – three persons: the Father – the Son – and the Holy Spirit.
2 _ We believe the Bible to be the living word of GOD inspired by Him through the Holy Spirit, and it is the regulation of our Christian life and we reject everything that contradicts its teaching.
3 _ We believe in the salvation that is through honest inward repentance and through faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins, was buried and rose from dead in the 3rd day, and by His atonement blood salvation was provided to all mankind through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. This experience is known by the new birth and is a direct and complete work of the Holy Spirit through which the sinner who believes is renewed, and justified and becomes a part of GOD’s family, a new creature in Jesus Christ and a heir of the Eternal Life.
4 _ We believe in one global church, and that is the Church of Jesus Christ. We believe the church is the body of Christ and the temple of GOD by the Spirit, and is the witness of the presence of GOD’s kingdom in this world and it gathers all those who are born again in the whole world.

5 _ We believe in the divine healing and in the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit, for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, he is still walking delivering the bonded, setting the captives free, healing the sick and satisfying the needs.

Vision of the Church

Since God’s will for us is, to keep His commandments and worship him, and build His church to be His bride and according to His image, and above all His will is the salvation of souls…

So our vision in Assembly of GOD church – Hazmieh is to be a GREAT church:

G, R, E, A, T.

What does a great church mean:


G: Geared up with GOD and our brothers in Christ to win Lebanon, the countries that surround it and the whole world for Christ, through preaching the Gospel to families and friends, and through large evangelical crusades wherever the Lord may lead us, proclaiming GOD’s healing power and miracles.


R: Reigning over all our spiritual enemies through prayer meetings, spiritual warfare and our worship to GOD, and through an anointed praise and worship where we release the anointing, work and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


E: Each member in the church works on the unity with his brothers and sisters, and as a church we work on unity with other churches through practical servant hood toward others, that GOD leads us to.


A: Always teaching and mentoring leaders through preaching and teaching, discipleship school, and other teaching structures adopted by the church to fulfill this Vision.


T: Tagged on to the Lord’s command, of helping the poor and those in need, visiting the sick and the prisoners, caring for the orphans and widows… through the mercy ministry that the church does.

Mission Statement:
To be like Jesus and to preach Him to all mankind

To fulfill this vision the Lord spoke to us for establishing a big church that will gather thousands of believers, for the Lord to move powerfully in this country. An apostolic church that will reign, rule and affect the social, economical, educational, financial, and even political life. Also the Lord gave us a strategic plan from:
Exodus 23: 29-30 “ But I will not do this all in one year because the land would become a wilderness, and the wild animals would become too many to control. I will drive them out a little at a time until your population has increased enough to fill the land.” Which means to conquer the land a little at a time.
And so our plan for the five coming years is a building that will fit for 500 to 600 persons.

And so we will increase a little at a time and enter he land that the Lord promised us: thousands and thousands will be for Christ  in Lebanon and surrounding countries.

Please pray with us, work with us, and partake in building this church and the work of GOD in the Middle East.


Financial support is needed to fulfill this purpose. If you feel that the Lord has spoken to you to help us with this issue please check our accounts :




IBAN NUMBER: LB50 0063 0012 0000 0001 2134 9001

For the building of the church. 



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