Beloved in Christ: we are a non-denominational church; our only concern is for you to know the way to heaven. We are not inviting you to change your denomination, for the Lord Jesus Christ has no denomination; He is the Lord of all. We would like to invite you to visit us, our church gathers to worship and praise the Lord and to tell you about Him, our meetings also includes prayer for the sicks and deliverance to the ones captivated.


Weekly Appointments

Seeing the Pastor

The pastor welcomes every one who would like to see him for any reason (counseling, prayer, need, etc…) Every Tuesday & Thursday of each week at the church building – Mar takla – starting 10:30 A.M till 16:00 Please note all appointment should be planned ahead. In case of emergency on other days, please call the Pastor before coming.

Friday Meeting

Each Friday at 19:30 at Hazmieh Church Mar takla we encourage you to come.

Sunday Meeting

Each Sunday at 10:30 A.M at Loueizeh Evangelical school – Loueizeh – al Jamhour Road.



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