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Will I be saved?

Will I be saved? and from what should I be saved? am I in real danger? but I don’t feel anything like this !!!

Dear Reader: the shining sun and the clear blue sky are not an evidence of peace and security.. they might suddenly fade away.. and the big fearful tornado might be coming.. while you still don’t see it !!!

Will I be saved?
I have no doubt that upon reading this title you will all wonder:
What should we be saved from?
I think.. you would consider several things.. we should be saved from.. and most importantly:
– A certain danger that is like this fearful tornado..
– Problems, oppressions, hardships or diseases that some of you are suffering from..
– Also, some of you may think about the afterlife and death..
– And a big number of you may not feel threatened by any danger to be saved from !!!

But.. My Dear Reader
let me tell you today..
before it is too late
that no matter what is the impact of this question on you..
Will I be saved?
You need to be saved..
Because everyone is in danger..
a real danger, which can be surprising and fast..
whether you felt it or not

You may be sick.. but feeling no pain.. thus, not feeling the pain doesn’t mean at all that your health is good..
Many dangerous and chronicle diseases, don’t show signs or symptoms before they are spread in the whole body, then there is no way for treatment and healing..

What saves us from them is their early discovery, which can’t be done unless we submit to periodic and regular medical tests, exams and analyses. Therefore, it is not by predictions nor by logical thinking that you can be saved, it is only by doctor’s directions. The same is true about the danger I am warning you of. Only the answer to this question:
What should we be saved from?
And knowing God’s answer alone.. to this question.. will save you from this sudden danger before it is too late.. yes.. I told you God.. Don’t be surprised by these words which may be new or strange to you. Because He created this human race, He is the only one who knows it well, and knows the real dangers threatening it !!!
God already warned the entire human race, when He said in the Bible:
” My people have perished for lack of knowledge ” (Hosea 4 : 6).
God also said: ” A man who wanders from the way of understanding will rest in the assembly of the dead ” (Proverbs 21 : 16).
But not any knowledge, it is the knowledge of what only God says, and what is written in the Bible, which is in the reach of all.. if they want to..
It is not the knowledge we learn in schools, or through reasoning, thinking, analyzing and some traditions, neither is it the knowledge coming from the philosophers, the scholars and the scientists’ writings or the strange distorted discourses that many people use when talking about God, because God also tells us:
” There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death ” (Proverbs 14 : 12).

Will I be saved?
And the question remains..
From what?
And the answer is one:
From eternal fire and torment after my death..
And from the present fire and torment with which all are struggling. Ignoring why they struggle, they blame God, destiny, chance, bad luck or fate for it, according to their beliefs.

My Dear reader: there is no luck, no chance, no destiny, and no proverb that says: ” what is written is written, and there is no way out of it”..
But, you are here..
And only you write with your own hand.. and decide where you want to spend your eternity..
In heaven near God..
Or in eternal fire and torment..

But.. you have to decide now..
Why now?
Because God’s word also says:
” And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment “.
(Hebrews 9 : 27 ).
Condemnation is the eternal final judgment of God for each one of us, and it cannot be changed at all after death, it is a final fate, whether it is in heaven near God, or in eternal fire.

You may like God’s word.. and you may not like it..
You may agree with it.. and you may not agree..
You may be interested in it and give it your attention.. and you may not..
You may consider God as unfair, cruel and having unjust judgments..
Of course He is not like this at all, He is a loving compassionate Father, Who wants all the good for you, and Who cares to save you from danger. You may discover this later on if you want to, but it’s not the subject of this meditation..

However, what I want you to see, and warn you about at the same time, is that in the end:
– Whether you acknowledged God’s word and believed it.. or not.
– Whether you doubted God’s love.. or not.
The destiny of each one of us is in God’s hand only, and He is the one who gives the final and irrevocable judgment, whether to go to heaven or eternal fire !!!

Your objection to His judgments will not change this final judgment at all, and your dealings with discussions and analyses will not bear any fruits, on the contrary you will be losing time which is not to your advantage. Instead of giving yourself a small opportunity to hear a new speech today that will surely change the course of your life, while you’re reading this booklet which is not in your hands by coincidence, but.. because this God whom you consider cruel, loves you so much and cares for you..
That’s why I advise you and beg you at the same time..
Don’t stop reading it at all.. until the end.. then do whatever pleases you..

The Bible, which is the Word of God given to us by the Holy Spirit tells us:
For the wages of each sin we commit.. whatever it is.. is eternal death, which means to spend all eternity in fire and torment. Those words were written by the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans (Romans 6 : 23).

Then he confirmed to us once again in another place saying:
There is none righteous, no, not one… there is none who seeks after God, they have all turned aside, they have together become unprofitable; there is none that does good, no, not one “.
(Romans 3 : 10 – 12).

What is the exact meaning of the word “ Righteous ”?
Simply, and without any deep and complex explanation
” The Righteous ”
is the person whom God sees as perfect, who didn’t commit any sin in all his life..

This means.. a person who has no slight fault, whose intentions are hundred percent clear and sincere, who didn’t even lie once in his life, not even a white lie as some would say. He didn’t get angry, didn’t curse, and didn’t raise his voice at anyone’s face. He doesn’t envy anyone, is not jealous of anyone and wishes his enemies good before himself
I purposely named a few simple sins that none has ever missed doing, I didn’t want to name big sins such as: stealing, killing, adultery, filthy desires and bad habits… that some people may pretend to be so far from doing.
Add to my words what the Bible tells us:
” For there is not a just man on earth, who does good, and does not sin ” (Ecclesiastes 7 : 20).
This means.. even if you are an honest man who does good, you would still sin !!!
The Apostle John says:
” If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves… and we make God a liar ” (1 John 1 : 8 – 10).
In front of this reality, and this truth.. we see that there is none who does not sin, and that it is impossible to find someone: ” Righteous “
And also in front of this reality.. we go back to the title of this booklet:
Will I be saved?
Will I be saved from eternal fire and torment?
The good news for you today, is: sure you will be saved.. this is the aim of this booklet.. and for this reason I asked you not to stop reading it until the end !!!

We are all born from Adam, the head of the human race, who by disobeying God and His commandments fell and was cast out of God’s presence. For this same reason we are all born with a deformed nature that we inherited from Adam, and that likes to live on its own, independently from God; it doesn’t feel concerned by God’s matters, and thinks that His commandments are heavy. We also feel that most of our longings go toward sins, pleasures and wrong desires – and if it can be said this way – we are not responsible of our longings..

Nonetheless, we are certainly responsible of finding a solution to this problem before it is too late, but.. according to God’s ways not ours !!!
Some of us are trying to restrain themselves by will power, but not succeeding, they start doing good deeds, praying more, giving a harsh treatment to their body, making vows, and other similar things.. trying to restore the sins and transgressions they are committing, or at least trying to compromise for not being able to live hundred percent according to God’s will. But all this is in vain, because it is far away from God’s plan for the salvation of mankind from eternal torment.. and from the anguish you’re going through on this earth.
Because no matter what you do, you will commit at least one sin, and this sin according to God’s word, has eternal death as its wages, thus it will make you “unrighteous” and unworthy of eternity in heaven..
All have sinned and are still sinning.. there is no one “righteous”, so they are all going to die the eternal death..
Is this a final and irrevocable judgment.. With no hope for salvation?
A final and irrevocable judgment, yes.. certainly.
But, no hope for salvation.. of course not..
As I have told you before, God.. the heavenly Father.. our Father.. as we call Him in the Lord’s prayer.. is not cruel, He loves you very much.. His love towards you is not mere feelings, it is a practical love.. so in front of this complex situation, and in front of our suffering and incapability of saving ourselves.. He gave us the solution.. It was a very expensive solution for Him..
Because God’s judgment will not change.. and will remain the same forever:
” The wages of sin is eternal death “
The entire human race born of Adam should be dead because it has sinned just like Adam did.. and even more..
Someone else should die for it paying the price of all its sins !!!
But is there anyone willing to die for all mankind and specifically for you and me?
Yes.. there is..
But not anyone can do this..
He should be someone, without sin.. and righteous..
So who is he?

He is the Lord Jesus Christ..
The King of kings and the Lord of lords..
The only name by which we can be saved, because there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved ” (Acts 4 : 12).

The only name by which we can be saved !!!
Yes.. whoever you are.. whichever denomination you belong to.. whether you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Atheist or you belong to any other denomination under heaven.. there is no salvation except by the Lord Jesus Christ.. Who died to redeem us all.. all mankind.. He has no denomination.. He is the Lord of all.. and the only name given among men by which we must be saved.. so don’t count on anything else..
The Apostle Paul also tells us who He is, when he says:
” But  God  demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us ” (Romans 5 : 8).
Yes.. the Lord Jesus Christ was born from the virgin Mary.. He took a body similar to ours, to partake in our humanity and to represent us, He lived all His life on this earth, but.. without sin and He was Righteous.. because a sinner cannot redeem sinners.. then He died on the cross on our behalf, and He gave us His precious blood, the only blood able to pay the price of our sins and to remove all the sins we made.. and those we are going to make !!!

He died for me.. and He is the Righteous one for sure.. but how can I become ” righteous ” when I am committing sins, no matter what is their kind or number?

Concentrate with me now.. this is the core subject here..
Isaiah the prophet told us 700 years before the Lord Jesus Christ came:
I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness… ” (Isaiah 61 : 10).
He has covered me with the robe of righteousness !!!

What does this mean, in a simple and practical way?
We are sinners, and as long as we are on this earth we will keep on sinning, there will never be a day where we will be righteous and worthy of heaven. But the Lord Jesus Christ, washed all my sins away with His blood, and brought His robe.. the robe of righteousness, He covered me, and clothed me with it. And when the Heavenly Father looks at me, as we said He is the only one who has the absolute power to decide whether I’ll spend eternity beside him in heaven or in eternal fire, He will see me righteous, perfect, and without any sin or slight fault. He will not look at the sins I commit or the bad things in my life, He will only see the robe of righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ covering me, and by this I will always remain righteous, by the blood of the Lord. Thus, when I die I can be saved from the punishment of my sins in eternal fire, because the Lord Jesus Christ took this punishment upon Himself “.

What is this robe?
Is it a piece of the Lord’s clothes or cross that I bring and put on my body?

Of course not.. this robe is the symbolic and real meaning for the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which He offered to me on the cross !!!
The apostle Paul confirms these words by saying:
” Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him ” (Romans 5 : 9).

How do I receive and benefit from this blood? Is it by doing specific deeds?
Absolutely not.. and because we are human.. we always tend to think that we have to do something in order for us to get anything in return, like increasing our prayers.. humiliating ourselves.. imposing a harsh treatment to our body.. doing good deeds.. giving money to the poor…
Paul the apostle warned us by saying:
” See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ… These are based on human commands and teachings. Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence ” (Colossians 2 : 8, 22 – 23).

Paul the apostle confirms this word in another passage which says:
” You who are trying to be justified by law (i.e. doing certain things to deserve eternal life); have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace ” (Galatians 5 : 4).
Are you trying to live according to the commandments, traditions and men?
You will be deprived from Christ’s robe of righteousness
And you will go back to the first equation:
The wages of every sin you commit is eternal death.

Fleshly desires.. I want to do something to deserve salvation and heaven.. but God’s firm answer to us is:
I did it all, and when I was on the cross I said to you: ” it is done ” all you have to do is receive my work and grace freely, by believing with all your hearts, with the simplicity of children, in what I did for you and by coming to me in repentance so I can clothe you with my robe of righteousness “.

And the Bible’s answer to us is:
” But to him who does not work, but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness ” (Romans 4 : 5).
Him who does not work.. does not work.. does not work.. but believes.. even if he is ungodly, the Lord will clothe him with the robe of righteousness.
And because salvation is so easy.. people don’t accept it..
and here lays the danger !!!

If you don’t become like children you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

– Two clarifications..
– A warning..
– And a prayer..

First clarification:

Some of you may accept this message for its simplicity, but.. some may say: what is this play? What is this carelessness about God’s matters and holiness?
I am a sinner.. and I will always sin.. but I hide under Christ’s robe of righteousness, so God won’t see me. I keep on sinning, and my life goes on as before..
What has changed?
What is this speech?

No.. of course it is not like that at all.. you are not practicing traditions nor magic, but when you wholeheartedly believe in the words you just read, and you come repenting to the Lord, confessing that you are a sinner unable to save yourself, that He died instead of you on the cross, that His blood has cleansed you from all your sins, and you ask Him to help you, and clothe you with the robe of righteousness, then the Lord will do a real work, He will perform a real miracle inside of you, that will change all your longings and previous life..
The prophet Ezekiel prophesied this when he reported to us God’s word saying:
” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws ” (Ezekiel 36 : 26 – 27).

Yes.. this is what will happen.. when you open your heart to the Lord like we said, He will give you a new heart, He will make you a new person, and He will send His Holy Spirit to live in your spirit and raise it from the death it was sinking in.. He will birth it anew, and get into fellowship with it again..
You will become His child and He will remove from you the heart which delighted in sin, and by the power of His Spirit and through the new heart He gave you, your previous longings will change, you will hate sin, you will love to walk in God’s ways and directions, respecting His commandments, because you have become:
A new creation.
This is what the second letter to the Corinthians written by Paul the apostle confirms to us:
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new ” (2Corinthians 5 : 17).
As long as you are on this earth, the Holy Spirit will daily help you walk in God’s ways, and when you sin, come to Him only with the simplicity of children and ask Him to forgive you. Also, always remember that as long as your heart is honest, rejecting sin and loving God, and as long as you are immediately and simply confessing to God every sin you commit, God will always see you righteous and without sin..
Because you are covered with the robe of righteousness..
The sword is no longer above your head, as it was before, you are now a beloved child..
You came back to live comfortably in the Father’s house..
without any fear of punishment.

The second clarification:

Have good works, prayer, fasting, going to church, and other similar things been rejected, and useless?

Of course not.. absolutely not..
We are all called to do good works.. to pray.. to fast.. to go to church, and other similar things, but.. not in order to deserve heaven and eternal life.. because I only get eternal life through grace, given freely by the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, and by the robe of righteousness with which He clothes me, as previously mentioned, but.. because the Lord gives me a new heart, a heart that loves Him and others, this heart cannot but do good works.. it visits the sick and the prisoners.. hosts the homeless.. is compassionate toward the poor.. feeds the hungry.. comforts those who mourn.. prays.. fasts…

For a reason other than salvation and eternal life..
With the purpose of helping people and serving the Lord..
As an expression from an honest heart, of my gratitude to what the Lord has done for me.. for free.

And now the useful warning:

I didn’t write these words to you, to try to manipulate your feelings, or to impress you psychologically, and make you shed some tears, and as soon as you close this booklet you forget what you read. I have proclaimed to you the true Word of God, and if you believe it, you will practically experience every word I said to you, and you will witness God’s miracle in your life.
But if you don’t believe this word and you say:
Where is this danger? I feel nothing going on around me, life is continuing, everyone is living, going out at night, and enjoying the pleasures of this world. Whatever will happen to me will happen, whatever is written is written, no one can change it or flee from it, so let’s enjoy life now and when we grow old we can think about the afterlife and death… “.

Beware of these dangerous thoughts.. for the shining sun and the clear blue sky might change at any moment when you least expect it.. no one knows when the thief may come.. and no one knows when his hour has come..
The Bible tells us that all the people were like that in Noah’s time.. the sun was shining and the sky was blue..
But.. suddenly the flood came and the entire human race perished, only Noah and his family were saved, because he feared God, he honored and believed His word and worked upon it in the right time..
This is not a legend, as some pretend, because the Lord himself told us about it when He said:
” Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all “. (Luke 17 : 26 – 27).

Thus.. think thoroughly before you take any decision concerning what you read.. it is not destiny.. nor chance.. nor fate which determines your eternity..
Only you decide where you will spend it !!!
Before you take your decision..
Give me a few moments..
Think with me..
Whoever you are, no matter which social class you belong to, whether you are rich or poor..

Whether you are religious worshiping God in your own way, or you are neglecting His commandments.. no matter which denomination you belong to..
Or you have an eminent office in society.. such as, judge, doctor, architect, lawyer, business man, philosopher or thinker; or perhaps you have superior diplomas, or you are a man of authority and you possess everything that anyone on earth would dream of having, from power, money, opened doors before you for success, night life, pleasures, to self-sufficiency…

Whether you believe the truths that I have revealed to you.. or not..

You are surely.. unhappy..
And you are not certain to go to heaven after you die..
” There is distress and confusion in the heart “, as we say, despite all that you do.. you always feel emptiness in your heart.. you suffer from problems, hardships, trials and diseases.. whether they are few or many..
You don’t know why exactly, and you have no idea of how to deal with this feeling and these problems !!!

Today the Lord is opening for you a door of salvation from all of this..
And He is stretching out His hand to help and rescue you..

Because He is not a faraway God as you may think.. He is a God who:
Doesn’t want you to sleep one more night, with the thoughts of worry and anxiety wearing your head..

Doesn’t want you to sleep one more night, with even one tear coming out of your eyes..

Doesn’t want you to sleep one more night, with pain, distress, confusion or questions in your heart..

And doesn’t want you at all to be kidnapped from His loving hand to eternal fire and torture.. the place that God prepared initially for Satan and his army and not for men.. this is why this book is in your hands, so you may be saved, and not captured by Satan to his final destiny..

Just for a few moments.. think of what I am saying, then decide.. and do whatever pleases you.

But for him who believed what he read..
Him who wants to be saved from the sudden danger..
And who wants to spend eternity in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ..
Let him open his heart to the Lord now..
And stretch out his hand to Him..

Yes.. stretch out your hand to him now.. don’t hesitate.. because He is the only one who cares for you.. and is able to save you from the sudden danger.. say to Him from all your heart:
” Have mercy on me Oh God for I am a sinner.. I am unable to save myself.. save me from the surprising danger.. save me from the flood which might come suddenly.. I repent for every sin I made in my life.. I repent for being astray from your ways and directions.. for every doubt I had in your goodness and love.. I thank you because you were pleased to die for me.. in order to pay for the price of my sins.. I thank you for the blood you shed for me on the cross to purify me from all my sins.. come into my heart.. clothe me with the robe of righteousness.. give me eternal life with you in heaven.. remove from me the heart of stone and give me a new heart and a new spirit.. a heart that loves your ways and hates sin.. let your Holy Spirit dwell in me.. let Him daily help me live the life that pleases you.. let Him daily help me be healed from every suffering, every struggle and every disease.. fill my heart with joy, peace and security which I have always longed for.. I love you Jesus – Amen “.


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